Five Natural Solutions To Boost Libido In Men

At times, regardless of how attracted you are to someone, or how much you love them, your libido can let you down at the least expected time. If you are feeling too stressed, too tired, or consistently not in the mood to have sex with your partner, then you may want to consider that you could have low libido. There are several changes you can include in your daily life that will help you have a perfect time in the bedroom. Below are some natural libido-boosting tips.

1. Gaze at the photo of your better half

Yes, regardless of how simple and straightforward this suggestion seems, it is one of the most efficient ones. Research by Helen Fisher, who is an anthropologist at Rutgers University, proved this point. The study established that when people are staring at photos of their loved ones for more than 30 seconds, their bodies release dopamine, which is a libido booster.

2. Excite your taste buds

Some foods, such as pomegranate juice, tomatoes, and broccoli, are known to boost men’s libido. Fruits such as avocados, figs, and bananas are aphrodisiacs. Any food that provides vitamins to your body is a great pick for overall health as well as boosting libido. Keep off processed and baked foods because they are libido killers.

3. Include herbs in your diet

Over the years, there are quite a few herbs that are used as libido boosters. There is a wide variety of these, but only a few will be mentioned here. When you are having a romantic dinner, consider including a little garlic. Garlic contains significant amounts of allicin which is known to increase blood flow. Ginkgo biloba is another great extract to boost libido. Saw palmetto and yohimbe also make good choices.

4. Keep fit and shed off excess weight

Besides lowering your self-esteem, body fat is also notorious for inhibiting testosterone production and blood flow. Exercising is important since it increases blood flow to the sex organs.

5. Get enough sleep

With the current economy and the urge to keep up a busy lifestyle, a lot of people do not get enough sleep. Boost your energy levels and libido by sleeping for at least six hours or more.


As you practice these natural libido boosting strategies, consider . And while these natural remedies can help, you still may want to consult a doctor to make sure there aren’t underlying health issues.

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